Senior Rules

The rules for senior competition are as laid out in the GABB Rules and Regulations 2015 [PDF].

Juvenile Rules

From the 2015-16 season forward, the Galway Area Basketball Board have adopted the Basketball Ireland National_Underage_Rules_2014-16, as per the attached document. These rules are considered an appendix of the Basketball Ireland Coaches Development Plan 2012-17.

GABB Rules For Juvenile Competitions

For gamesĀ from Under 14 and under, there is no requirement for every player on the scoresheet to play in a minimum of one full, continuous quarter.

It was agreed, that in order to encourage coaches to bring, and give a playing opportunity to as many players as possible at these ages, to remove the requirement for all players on the scoresheet to play in at least one full, continuous quarter. This was adopted unanimously by the GABB at a meeting on September 23, 2015.